Rule For Perfectly Playing Three-Card Poker

People Playing CardsIf you’ve ever studied blackjack, those detailed color-coded charts that advise you how to make every possible decision perfectly could give you nightmares. After all, with 190 unique inflection points to consider his a-5 against the dealer’s 6, whether to split 9-9, etc. Memorizing and mastering basic blackjack strategy is quite a mental exercise. Some players may also call it a “chore”, with all the very fine margins between the correct game and all the other options appearing to be correct. Well, if you are looking to give your brain a break, basic three card poker strategy should be what you need.

It turns out that the static deal, meaning that players cannot change their starting cards combined with a single decision point, makes the three-card poker strategy very straightforward. All you need to remember to play this game perfectly is a simple q-4-6 breakpoint. With any hand rated at q-6-4 or higher, you should always place the play bet and go head-to-head with the dealer. And with any hand rated Q-6-3 or worse, you should always fold and live to fight another day. Don’t take my word for it though, just listen to what the long time casino gaming analyst has to say.

“I have no doubt that q / 6/4 is the optimal strategy for three card poker. Regardless, he came up with the same advice. This strategy is based on a computer program that analyzes the 22,100 possible combinations of the player’s three cards and, for each one, the remaining 18,424 possible combinations of the dealer’s three cards. If you follow the dealer’s strategy, you will fold on some hands that have an expected return of more than 1 return on folding. To save you advanced math, game theorists have run every conceivable three-card combination through a supercomputer.

Woman Playing CardsBy examining the unique expected return of each hand and dividing all hands into positive and negative plays, q-6-4 represents the exact cutoff point where three-card poker hands become profitable in the long run. By using the q-6-4 strategy, sharp players reduce the house edge on the initial bet and positive bets go down to 3.37 percent, which is better than closed table game cousins, letting you win 3.51 percent and Caribbean poker 5.22 percent, you will inevitably see the same regular three card poker players racking up newly discovered chips, while the same lifelong losers in the casino setting, of course I’m sure they’re great people in real life who bleed tokens and walk away empty-handed. That is because, Despite its deceptively simple appearance, three card poker is subject to an essential element of skill. If you are interested in becoming a better three card poker player, read on to discover three rules and strategies about the game that most players do not know.

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